Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Antique Prints Listing

Here is a screenshot of our new custom auction template. You can see our antique prints and the new one of a kind template HERE at our ebay store.

New Storefront for Glitteringsky Antique Prints!

Take a look at our new custom storefront. We also have new lovely auction pages. We are now listing hundreds, soon to be thousands, of antique prints. See our fine antique architectual prints and costume prints at our store. Glitteringsky Antique Prints

Friday, June 16, 2006

Picturesque America Antique Prints 1872 at Glitteringsky Antique Prints Store!

The Natural History of America in Antique Prints. Picturesque America edited by William Cullen Bryant was published in 1872. It Featured romantic but true to life and realistic views of American natural history. Our prints feature New York, Oregon, Wyoming, North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington State, California, Kentucky, Florida, New Jersey, Delaware...and many others! Take a look at our Antique Prints and great prices at our eBay Store,
Glitteringsky Antique Prints